Dating Outside of your Comfort Zone to Find the One

One piece of consistent advice out there for long-term couples is to never neglect date night. And it’s good advice. You shouldn’t neglect date night. It helps keep the spark alive, it gives you something to look forward to, it breaks up the boredom of everyday life. Every once in a while, though, you should consider doing something weird for date night, something well outside of your comfort zone. I’m not talking anything illegal here, or out of your comfort zone sexually.

Blind Date: Raj and Shimay were pushed outside their comfort zone to find love

The last year of my dating life has been full of unexpected moments. So you shun away the older man, the younger guy, the shorter dude, or the one who lives too far away. Because of that, you think the chances are slim that you may actually like them, let alone fall in love with them.

Had enough of mediocracy? Ready to strive for more? If you think it’s nigh on time to break out of your dating comfort zone, EliteSingles can help!

Close your eyes and imagine your dream date. Chances are, you have a ‘type’ of person that comes to mind when you think of the perfect partner. While it’s totally normal to have certain standards for those you pursue romantically, it can also be detrimental to get stuck in a rut and make the same mistakes over and over. If you feel like none of your current dating strategies are giving the results you want, there’s no harm in getting out of your comfort zone in dating and trying a totally new approach to love.

It might seem like a good idea to be ultra picky; no one should have to settle for less than what they deserve, right? That’s a great mindset in theory, but the truth of the matter is that having a laundry list of ‘deal-breakers’ might be holding you back, and that some dating habits just aren’t effective or beneficial. Only you can say for sure what is and isn’t a mandatory trait in a partner, and there’s no shame in being extra careful about who you get involved with.

But if you feel like what you’ve been doing just isn’t working and you’re looking for some ways to spice up your lackluster dating life, here are seven tips that will help you push yourself outside your dating comfort zone. There’s the healthy: having standards and deal-breakers and refusing to settle. Then there’s the unhealthy: dating people who are all clones of one another, with slight modifications. Sure, it may not be something you do on purpose, but it can’t hurt to recognize any patterns in your dating life that aren’t working, and switch things up.

While it’s good to be self-aware and push yourself to let go of more shallow expectations — height, hair color, body type, etc. If someone’s religion, political views, opinion on children, and other huge lifestyle choices are out of sync with your own, that’s not something to ignore. But it is possible to fall in love with a blonde even though you typically get hot for Clark Kent vibes.

5 Benefits of Leaving Your Dating Comfort Zone

Wonder Doubled By Timothy and Donna. Timothy and Donna have been married for over fifteen years after meeting in the gambling tent while volunteering at their parish carnival. Related Topics: Dating , Love , Marriage.

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One of the problems for women dating after 40, 50 or 60 is they are stuck in their comfort zone. Do you hate the dating part of your life because you never know how to make it work? He pays, you pay or you split the tab? You wonder if you should text or email him and thank him for the date? These are just a few examples of what it feels like to be outside of your comfort zone. Do you feel like the only way to meet men is by using online dating sites? No one really knows who you are at this point so no reason to feel uncomfortable.

Comfort Zone

Photographer: Lindsay Vann. What we mean by that is this — there is no one perfect individual that will tick all the boxes. Someone whose flaws are actually a great match for yours. On the other hand, there is definitely such a thing as a Mr. Maybe your heart has been broken multiple times.

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Post a Comment. By Samantha Hulkower ” S he sounds great, but just not for me. Sure, the guy may have the right career and is a good age, but he grew up so differently than you. Or the girl may be funny and pretty, but she’s older than you. When is it appropriate to reject a date, and when are we limiting ourselves and our opportunities? I love telling this story. Last year, a very good friend of mine was ready to start dating, but was running into a small problem – she’s 6 ft tall.

That’s the kind of tall where people say to her, “You’re really tall,” like she didn’t already know. It’s not really a problem for her – she’s completely ok with her height. In fact, she made a match because she was able to see over a fence another great story I’ll have to share with you some other time. But, any time she would mention to someone that she’s looking to date, in case they knew any guys, the potential matchmaker would get flustered.

One actually said to her, “It makes me anxious that you are so tall, who is going to want to go out with you?!

Lose The List Of Requirements: What I Learned From Dating Outside Of My Comfort Zone

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Speed dating could be exactly what you need to shift your dating life to where the fun is—a little outside your comfort zone.

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Why you should date outside of your comfort zone

When you toss the list, your options quadruple. People underestimate the power of summer flings or fiery trysts. Is it their predictability? Their unpredictability? What does that say about you? It can be about personality as well.

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Years ago, back when I was single, I was lamenting to some friends about the state of my love life when one of them asked what, exactly, I was looking for. I rattled off a fairly extensive list of all the traits — physical and otherwise — that I was attracted to tall, funny, big nose, glasses, maybe a swimmer’s body, dimples, etc. I know the perfect guy for you! In short, he wasn’t really my type.

And you know what? My friend was right. He WAS perfect for me. We’ve been together ten years this May, married for seven, and have two pretty great kids. Date several people who aren’t your type! Start making a habit of dating against your type. Instead of swiping left, go out for coffee with him or her.

Should you date your “type” or venture outside your comfort zone?

Dating outside your comfort zone Just like that push for promotion or gaining an extra qualification, finding yourself that special someone involves breaking with the ennui of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there Dating friends might be difficult because you are somehow going beyond the friendship. Without any anxiety you can proceed ahead with us.

Add to Wishlist. Balboa High School students, date unknown. Charlotte Zone She is the youngest of four siblings.

We all have an acquaintance we promise to make plans with when we run into them, but never do. Actually make the plans and carry them out this time.

Whether or not you realize it, you probably have a comfort zone you like to stay in. Maybe you follow the same routine at the gym, or you gravitate toward a certain type of person when it comes to dating. Whatever it is, your comfort zone can be simultaneously comfortable and limiting. And even if you fancy yourself an adventurous type, you probably have one—which is totally normal. And, for similar reasons as why it feels so good to cancel plans and stay in , many of us feel the most comfortable being at home, where we know exactly what to expect.

Clark, PsyD. Why, though, are we creatures of habit? Hence, the widespread love for JOMO and staying home. Finally, comfort zones allow you to get things done—to an extent. Clark, who caveats the need the exercise portion control with our comfort-zone appetites. Clark says.

Dating success; breaking out of your comfort zone

I’ve never shared the details of this travel story before although I had a whole self-love story written about it maybe I should post it now? A week long roadtrip with a guy I met on Raya dating app and facetimed with twice before meeting. It was my first ‘date’ since I quit drinking. Ok before you think I’m totally out of my mind, it was not framed as a date but as an adventure I’m an Aries, ie a sucker for adventures.

On the upside, I grew SO much from the experience and am grateful for the lesson and just wish I could hug that girl I used to be who was so unsure of herself and how to speak up. The most important thing you can pack on your adventures?

If you’re an introverted guy in a dating rut, you’d do well to step out of your comfort zone a bit. This article explains how and why.

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Dating Outside Your Comfort Zone

Avoid settling into a lackluster routine. While your first few months with your significant other were spent taking on the town, trying out all the best date spots, and going on adventures, now that you’ve been together for a long time, you’ve probably fallen into an everyday routine. It’s not uncommon, and sometimes it’s nice to spend an entire weekend cuddled up on the couch.

We don’t always fall for someone because their positive qualities complement our own but also because their negative traits fit ours so well.

You might feel this unique connection that feels different and is exciting because you have entered the unknown. Often our type comes down to someone who is similar to us in facial features, lifestyle like foods, movies, outing preferences, etc. This can be done on both a conscious and subconscious level, Heide adds. For example, subconscious attractions might include signs of strength and fertility, while subconscious attractions include things like looks or sexual preferences.

It also stimulates you in a new way intellectually. This has the potential to create such a powerful emotional connection that it might challenge those prerequisites you had with your previous type, Tebb points out. Another downside to sticking with your type? Sometimes you might be drawn to someone who is dysfunctional in similar ways to you, Heide says. First, you may be asking yourself if you have a future with this person, and you might feel like your family will never accept them, Tebb says.

But sticking to your type gives you that sense of comfort that exploring may not give you, Heide says. Be willing to feel uncomfortable, because discomfort and growth take you beyond your fear thresholds. Lastly, be patient with yourself and new partner while you learn and grow.

Date Outside Of Your Comfort Zone